Scottevest’s Rev Plus Brings the Heat, as the Warmest Jacket They’ve Produced

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An X-ray view of the Rev Plus. Imgae:
An X-ray view of the Rev Plus. Image:

“There is this thing called Winter, and it afflicts millions of people every year. If you suffer from Winter, and you need pockets, this is your prescription.”

This is the description you are presented with when you visit the page for the SeV Revolution Plus. Scottevest brings you their warmest coat yet, a dashing travel coat meant for climes all over the world. Boasting 26 pockets, a removable hood and sleeves, and functionality galore, the A-game has been brought and the ball is in the court of the customer.

The capacitive pockets are seen here, on each side of the chest inside the coat. Image: Scottevest

My favorite feature has to be the capacitive fabric pockets, one on each side of the chest. When I showed GeekMom Jenny these pockets, her jaw nearly hit the floor. It was quite the visual response. I popped my iPhone into one of the pockets, and lost no functionality whatsoever. There is a drawback, however. If you forget to put your phone to sleep (i.e., turn off the screen), all bets are off. So far, I’ve chest-dialed two people, and opened a significant number of ads.

Another great feature has to be the PadPocket, a pocket designed for a standard iPad to fit in. It serves this function quite well, and during travel provides a safe, discreet location for your tablet of choice. On the flip side, this functionality is not meant to replace your everyday bag or case. Bending over with an iPad in the pocket is nearly impossible, but is not a problem with a smaller tablet such as the Lenovo Miix 2.

The PAN's included BudBucket pockets. Image:
The PAN’s included BudBucket pockets. Image: Scottevest

Their patented Personal Area Network provides a safe and convenient system for attaching your headphones to the jacket. Add this to their CollarConnect and BudBucket pockets, and you have an amazing way to store your headphones, while leaving them perfectly accessible. The BudBucket pockets let you tuck in your actual earbuds, sheathing them from the elements–including you!

There are pen pockets and stylus pockets galore, but be careful! Some of them have no bottom, and you can lose your stylus in the hole. Not to worry, though, if you do lose your stylus, it will simply fall into a lower pocket. The biggest loss there will usually be in the form of convenience.

Bonus convenience comes in the form of a cleaning cloth attached to an elastic cord, which allows you to clean your screens without having to remember to put the cloth away, or to even pack it in the first place. There are also an extendable key ring and bottle strap, which keeps your water bottle as upright as you are.

The bottle strap keeps your water/pop snuggle secured in an upright position.  Image:
The bottle strap keeps your water/pop snuggle secured in an upright position.

With the NoBulge pockets, you won’t have to worry about printing (exposing your electronics/wallet to potential thieves via the bulge in your clothes). The two Napoleon pockets are best known for this, because the construction helps your clothing lie flat against your body.

With removable sleeves and hood, this winter-oriented coat becomes a three-season vest in no time flat. This garment is in no way meant to be worn during warm weather, but is a nice complement to the traveler’s wardrobe most of the year. Since the pockets are so large, all three pieces may be stored inside. In the water bottle pocket, the backside is not sealed, and the detachable pieces can be slipped into the back of the coat with little difficulty. This will have the side effect of making you look like you stored your dinner in a fanny pack, though.

With 26 different pockets, don’t let the labels tie you down on what to do with them. There are at least 8 pockets that my Nintendo 3DS fits in, and I can easily fit external hard-drives in any of those same pockets. The “hand warmer” pockets also have zippers that let you split the pocket in half. If your kids are anything like mine, they will ask you to hold odd stones, bits of shells, and any number of organic material like flowers or pine-cones. You can just slip those into the inner pocket, and they won’t jingle around too much. On the other hand, you can slip HotHands into those inner pockets, and the insulation will keep them going strong for quite a while.

You may find that locating all of the pockets is a bit difficult, but with the standard included pocket map (seen below), you will find most pockets without too much trouble. In the end, it comes down to pure function. The SeV Rev Plus gives you all the functionality you could ask for. It also bypasses many airline restrictions, as it is clothing, so load it up, and replace your carry-on luggage. Scottevest has reported that they have never had a complaint about airline use from their customers.

Pocket Map, Image:
Pocket Map. Clarification, there are no pockets on the sleeves; the image is misleading. Image: Scottevest

The Scottevest Revolution Plus is sold for $200, and is only available through their website. I recommend this coat for anyone traveling in cold or damp conditions, or those concerned with the safety/protection of their material goods. Scottevest recommends it’s use for Sweden and Minsk, as examples.

Note: I received a sample of this product for review purposes.

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