New Godzilla Trailer Stars Bryan Cranston

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With the announcement of the new Godzilla trailer, the buzzers have been buzzing, and the chatters have been chatting. The positions are mixed in every direction: Some are thrilled for a remake, while others are mortified. Both sides seem to agree on one thing, though: The cast line-up is promising indeed. An iconic figure in many fields, Bryan Cranston has brought the A-game more times than I can count. With an eye for great roles and an astoundingly diverse skill set, he has embodied drama for our culture for decades. As he celebrates his 46th year in entertainment, Cranston will star in Godzilla with a diverse cast of modern talents. It appears that some serious historic events are being tied in, including the testing of nuclear weaponry in the mid-1950s.

Directed by¬†Gareth Edwards, the all-star cast remake of the classic Toho work hopes to continue the recent success of classic remakes, mixed in with an end-of-the-world theme. As a fun Easter egg, Godzilla throws in the token destroyed Statue of Liberty, but being the Vegas version, it is obviously a prod at others who have done this. As you can see in the trailer, Cranston gets to use his hard-line sense of action to push the tension and raise the suspense. Is your family excited to see one of the world’s most popular characters come back to life? Beware: The cast is made up of some of the industry’s best mature-audience stars. I’ll definitely be watching this one without the kids first.

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