Danger Mouse Could Be Making a Comeback!

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Dangermouse and his trusty sidekick, Penfold. Image: FremantleMedia Ltd/Rex Feature
Danger Mouse and his trusty sidekick, Penfold. Image: FremantleMedia Ltd/Rex Feature

After an old episode of Danger Mouse being shown during a throwback weekend on CITV, the powers that be realized how popular it could be again, after garnering 569,000 viewers. This made it CITV’s most watched show. Ever.

The president of FremantleMedia Kids and Family Entertainment, who own the rights to the show, has stated that redoing the show might happen in the near future.

For those not in the know, Danger Mouse was a British children’s show about a mystery-solving mouse and his trusty sidekick hamster, Penfold. They zoom around London figuring out why things keep going wrong. Hilarity ensues, and it is definitely one of those shows that parents will enjoy watching with their children.

I could have told them how popular Danger Mouse would be with both children and parents alike. But my probably-not-quite-loud-enough praises over the decades went unheard. I’m just very excited that they are considering bringing more Danger Mouse to the world.

We shall see what happens. In the meantime, get your Danger Mouse fix on DVD!

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3 thoughts on “Danger Mouse Could Be Making a Comeback!

  1. Like you and a million others I LOVED DM. I have a Dangermouse DVD which my own children have sat in front of goggle-eyed. Now, I’m a forward-looking kind of guy and I’m not saying that things should never be remade. However, so much of the original’s charm is bound up in the David Jason/Terry Scott dynamic that I fear for whoever they choose as the new voices. This was a beloved series precisely because it was a pioneer for its generation. In the multi-platform, post Phineus and Ferb, Lab Rats, MI High, Spy Kids world do we really need another spy spoof..? In thirty years, will this really be the show that our kids will be boring on about how amazing it was..?

  2. It’ll succeed or fail on the voices and the choice of animation style. I, for one, hope they shun CGI and stick as close as possible to the original as they can. Sir David Jason’s still around to provide voices for DM and the long-suffering narrator…

    Looking forward to it – far more than many series!

  3. Ok, I am curious what happened this weekend that made these Danger Mouse stories pop up all over the place today? I enjoyed him after school growing up like so many others but everyone is linking to a story that is almost a year old. I am quite confused.

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