TableTop Takes on Sea Monsters in Tsuro of the Seas

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In the third episode of season one of TableTop, Wil Wheaton and friends play three short games, among them Tsuro. The game is a fun tile-laying game that plays very quickly and is very easy to learn. Nearly a decade after Tsuro came out, a more complex sequel was released in 2012 called Tsuro of the Seas.

Again, players tried to keep their markers on the board as long as possible, but new daikaiju tiles representing dragon-like sea monsters were added, completely changing the gameplay. The daikaiju move across the board, destroying all in their path.

What starts as a light-hearted game between Wil, Kevin Pereira, Andy Hull, and Brednon Halloran quickly becomes a run for their lives as the players try to outlast the tiles, the daikaiju, and each other. It’s another hilarious episode as the players try to outplace each other as “the mother of dragons” and complete this odyssey.

On a side note, Calliope Games, the publisher of both Tsuro and Tsuro of the Sea, created a special cannon tile for last year’s inaugural International TableTop Day. If you hold the cannon tile when a daikaiju attacks you, you can use your cannon to dispatch it. They did not use cannon tiles in this episode.


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