Kickstarter Alert: The Doubleclicks’ Dimetrodon

Kickstarter Music


It always seems a little strange to find oneself encouraging others to support a Kickstarter that’s already wildly successful, but few things excite me more than music and few musicians more than nerd folk duo The Doubleclicks. The sisters’ latest endeavor includes funding their forthcoming album Dimetrodon as well as another expanded “Weekly Song Wednesday” project — both of which are already in the proverbial bag!

Other stretch goals include additional monthly songs, new gear and, at the highest level, allowing Aubrey to quit her day job. Whether you were charmed by “This Fantasy World” or inspired by “Nothing to Prove,” it’s impossible to deny that The ‘Clicks are the real deal, and any fan of geeky music would be hard-pressed to find a more worthy campaign to throw his or her hard-earned coin behind.

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