Get Your Geek Trading Cards: Geek-a-Week Is Back

Geek Culture

Len Peralta is one of our favorite geeky artists working today, and he’s been making the “thousand true fans” system work for him by creating awesome geek-culture works that speak to our inner (and more importantly outer-) nerd passions.

One of his greatest creations were the first sets of geek-trading cards, his Geek-a-Week project, where he created trading cards for the geeky folks we love who have made some notoriety for themselves in the greater pop culture. Folks like honorary GeekDad Wil Wheaton, geek troubadour Jonathan Coulton, and mega-tech-nerd Veronica Belmont.

Well, he’s back with a new Geek-a-Week project on Kickstarter, and we couldn’t be more excited for the full deck (52-weeks worth) that he’s got in store. Examples include cosplay champion Chloe Dykstra, and HipTrax podcast-favorites The Doubleclicks.

The proposed Chloe Dykstra card.
The proposed Chloe Dykstra card.

Plus, there are some amazing special add-ons, including original art by our own Dork Tower-creator John Kovalic, Frogpants Studio Chief Scott Johnson, and special framable uncut sheets of the cards for supergeeks like Adam Savage and Grant Imahara.

And for the Geekmates out there, these are perfect GeekMom/GeekDad-Day gifts (hint, hint).

So, check out the Kickstarter, pledge the project so Len can get to work, and reap the rewards!

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