Geektastic Cookie Cutters You Can Print

R2-D2 cookie cutter design file and printed work by bluedynno

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me if you could 3D print cookie cutters, and indeed you can. Much easier than bending your own copper! Then this week when looking for a design to test the setup of a new printer, that seemed like as good a choice as any. And Thingiverse, the repository of shared 3D printer design files, has a bevy of geektastic cookie cutters ready to print—here are just a few:

User theo has a whole set of geeky cookie cutters: The Apple, Arch Linux, and Open Hardware logos; a floppy disk; and a Pac-Man ghost.

Open hardware geeks can also print a cookie cutter of the Arduino logo or the Raspberry Pi logo.

Star Wars


Video Games

Doctor Who


  • Pi
  • A mole for celebrating Mole Day
  • Cookiequations—a set to make impressions for cookies with equations on them
  • More cookie equations pieces to use with number cookies: e, i, pi, phi, Sigma (big and little), i, sqrt(-1), and integral sign

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