TableTop Two-Fer Features Qwirkle and 12 Days

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On today’s episode of TableTop, it’s a holiday two-fer. Wil and friends Kelly Hu and Meredith Salenger, along with Wil’s son, Nolan Kopp, play not one, but two great games. First up is the awesomely abstract game, Qwirkle. It’s played similarly to dominoes or Scrabble, matching, merging, and laying tiles to score points. Qwirkle is one of Meredith’s favorite games — will it work to her advantage?

Points scored in Qwirkle are tallied and carried over to the second game, 12 Days. This holiday-themed trick-taking game is gorgeous and positively great family fun. 12 Days has a mechanic of “regifting” cards, or passing the trash, which leads to a fun discussion between the players about the Baconwave, a perpetually regifted item in the Wheaton household.

(Side note: 12 Days is published by TableTop associate producer, Boyan Radakovich. He was against featuring the game on the show because it presented a conflict of interest. Wil loves the game and refused to take no for an answer, so 12 Days made the show.)

Who will win this episode’s double feature of games? You’ll have to watch to find out, and be sure to tune in on Boxing Day, December 26, to watch an outstanding episode featuring the legendary game, Carcassonne.


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