A Perfect Lego Christmas

Besides people, my son loves two things in life: Lego and Christmas.

The day after Thanksgiving, our holiday tradition is that we start playing our extensive list of holiday songs on iTunes  and the decorations make their way upstairs.  That includes the Lego-based decorations courtesy of my son.

My son was never a kid that wanted to grow up. He was truly depressed when his voice started changing, getting taller meant he couldn’t hide in the best spots, and, of course, growing up meant more responsibility for a kid who’d rather lie on the floor of his room snapping bricks together.

But at fifteen, he has adapted to reality and can still enjoy things he loves. He can sing “White Christmas” in its original baritone key, he is strong enough to hold both his little cousins and swing them around, and being in control of his own schedule means he gets his work done early enough to always make time for Lego, especially at Christmas.

This year, my son was given more space to work with in his Lego decorating and you can see his set up in the above gallery.

My favorite aspect of his set-up is how he includes other figures to make a unique, happy, perfect Lego Christmas.

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