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Magnetyze Desk Charger

With their Magnetyze system, BuQu Tech seeks to untangle the often untidy process of charging your smartphone. Consisting primarily of an integrated bumper case/charging port adapter and a specialized upright dock, this innovative cordless charging solution relies, as the name implies, on the power of magnets.

Already available for the iPhone 4 and 5 series (with a 5C option coming soon) and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and S4, it’s a platform-independent option that makes setup a breeze. I simply placed my phone into the Magnetyze adapter case, slipped on the exterior bumper for a little added protection and then replaced my traditional iPhone charging cable with the Magnetyze desk stand dock.

The magnets within the case and charge base act to auto-align the device to the cradle for maximum contact, and the circular design of these contact points make it easy to flip your phone’s orientation without breaking the connection. This means that the device charges just as quickly as with a traditional connection, but with the added perk of true grab-and-go convenience.

iPhone 4 Extended Battery BundleWhile this makes the Magnetyze charger a great solution for home use, I was a little wary about the hassle of removing the connector case when charging my old iPhone 4S in my car or office. Thankfully the set comes with a second magnetic cable, which, while not as nice as the full cradle, does make it just as easy to charge via USB or USB-to-AC adaptor.

Because all Magnetyze models use the same magnetic charging system, families split between mobile operating systems or smartphone models can share a common desk stand, and the same goes for other accessories like the car windshield mount. While the core set I was provided for review retails for around $50, BuQu makes it easy to put together an a la cart solution that fits your family’s needs.

With straightforward setup and an ease of use that’s practically idiot-proof, the Magnetyze system is an easy recommendation for everyone from die-hard gadget fans to older smartphone users looking to simplify nightly charging. In fact, my only complaint about the product is that the bumper case is just that – it provides no touchscreen protection, so be sure to invest in a screen cover as well.

Review materials provided by: BuQu

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