Holiday Gift Guide #6: The Well-Dressed Geek

Geek Culture Gift Guide Hacking the Holidays

We all cover our bodies with clothing; otherwise, society would lock us up. Still, some of us do a better job of it than others. Check out a few suggestions for covering up (or carrying our stuff about) from Jenny Williams, James Floyd Kelly, Brad Moon, Z, and me. And if you missed any of the previous gift guides, you can find gift inspiration here.

ScotteVest Travel Vest

Scottevest Clothes
We all have many (too many?) gadgets that we carry around on a daily basis. Most clothes have pockets, but many aren’t designed for holding specific kinds of things, such as iPods, phones, even tablets. Scottevest is a company which makes versatile, high quality clothing in many different styles to hold all of our things, be they electronic gadgets or baby pacifiers. These are items that you will wear for the rest of your life. You can buy the vest from Amazon, and visit their website for other clothing and gear options. (JW)


Chaval Response-XRT
For much of the country, November and December winter have been bitter cold … and it’s not even officially winter yet! The Chaval Response-XRT is a “smart” glove that uses nanotech polymers to regulate temperatures in the glove, keeping your hands warm all day long, whether you’re skiing the slopes, tossing snowballs at your kids, or just trying to get home from work. The company claims these gloves will operate three times as long as other brands and have been given glowing reviews by everyone from backcountry skiers to brave RCMP Constables working the frozen tundra of Saskatchewan. Buy them from Chaval. (DB)


Evernote’s Rhine Flat Backpack
Some folks are going to shudder when I say this (my wife is one of them), but I typically carry my Mac Air tucked under my arm like a book. Library, coffee shop, everywhere. But not lately. I’ve been on the lookout for a more professional-looking backpack and Evernote was kind enough to loan me one of their latest non-software-based products — the Rhine Flat Backpack is beautiful. Less than four inches thick, with all-metal hardware (no Velcro!) and covered in gray EcoYarn fiber, this is my idea of a backpack for adults. While I used to avoid carrying along anything else, now I toss in my tablet, a book or two, the Air, and some odds and ends. I have received more compliments on this backpack than I can count — something about its look just appeals to people. (Of course, the Evernote-geek in me also loves the single green strap nod to the Evernote service.) (JFK)


Zombie Pajamas
There are, as I see it, two types of people in the world: those who enjoy the warmth and comfort of proper pajamas and fashion-blind savages. Ok, perhaps I oversimplify things a bit. Still, if you’re looking for quality sleepwear with true nerd appeal, look no further than ThinkGeek’s own Undead Zombie Pajamas! Why the tautological product name? I have no idea, but I do know that these bad boys are quality 100% cotton PJs with just enough screen printed gore to satisfy even the harshest horror critic. They also go great with your Plush Zombie Slippers. (Z.)


Geeky Jerseys
Hockey is a great sport to watch and to play — the sooner you recognize this, the better. Wil Wheaton and Kevin Smith are just two of the better-known geeks who are big fans. (And who can forget (failed) grassroots campaign to get bushy-haired defenseman, Mike Commodore, to change his number to 64?) But that doesn’t mean you have to know a backcheck from a backboard to appreciate a good hockey jersey … and that’s just what you’ll find at Geeky Jerseys. Their fine collection of quality, geek-relative jerseys is constantly being changed out, so bookmark the site, order the jerseys you want (before they are gone) or sign up to find out if a jersey will be remade. Buy them at Geeky Jerseys. (DB)

travel boy

Travel Boy Suitcase
Yet another inspired ThinkGeek original product is the Travel Boy carry-on suitcase. This retro gaming-styled beauty comes equipped with smooth rolling casters, a telescoping aluminum handle and a truly astounding storage capacity despite its small footprint. It’s got zippered dividers, a charger and/or toiletries pouch and elastic straps to keep your portable systems, clothes and all your other essential travel gear in place. Regulation carry-on size and boasting a 3-digit TSA combination lock, it’s overhead compartment-friendly and just plain awesome! [Review materials provided by: ThinkGeek] (Z.)


Merrell Proterra Sport Gore-Tex Shoes
The way I see it, there are two types of geeky clothing: stuff that looks geeky and stuff with geek design cred. These Merrell Proterra Sport Gore-Tex hikers are firmly in the latter camp. Geek factor includes Merrell’s Stratfuse upper, GORE-TEX ConnectFit waterproof membrane, M-Select FRESH and EVA removable footbed, M-Select GRIP outsole and 2.5mm lug depth. Translated: high tech, minimalist hikers with modest treads that stick to rock and wet surfaces, keep your feet dry and don’t overpower your olfactory sense after a long hike. They look pretty cool too, especially in this Carbon treatment. Buy it from Amazon (BM)

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  1. While I love the concept of some of these gifts, they’re definitely not for the run of the mill geek dad – those gloves alone are $389 after all. I spend most of my gift money on my kids, so I think you’d need to be more of a Bill Gates geek dad to be able to afford some of the gifts on this list!

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