How to Pick the Perfect Board Game (Flowchart)

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Image By Silver Oak Online Casinos

I saw this flowchart initially on Neatorama, and at first I thought it was going to be full of pathetic choices like Monopoly and Candyland, but as I looked more carefully, it became obvious it had been crafted by a real gamer (it includes Forbidden Island, Small World, and more). I had to dig a little deeper. I followed it back to Reddit, but the references stopped there. And then I noticed the watermark on the image itself: Silver Oak Casino. Turns out this was the product of a member of the content team at an online casino (also, it’s almost 2 years old). I guess they take their gaming pretty seriously!

Click here for the full-size chart.

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9 thoughts on “How to Pick the Perfect Board Game (Flowchart)

  1. If it was crafted by a “REAL” gamer, it wouldn’t have Monopoly, Candyland, Sorry, or Life as choices for kids games 🙂

    There really are some much better choices for kids like Hey, That’s My Fish, Animal Upon Animal, Patchwork, Walk The Dogs, Zooloretto Dice … I could probably come up with 50 better choices.

  2. Lance – not everybody played all games. And taste is different as we all know. Probably their kids liked the games.
    I play Monopoly since I was 6 and liked it from the start.

    I assume the put down all games they played and I like it! Many good games mentioned

    I will take this chart home as suggestions of many new games to test out.

  3. One thing I noticed that’s a bit odd is that Dungeon Run comes under “everyone should get along.” But after one person gets the treasure, then it’s a one-vs-all game, no longer cooperative.

    Also, they misspelled Trivial Pursuit.

    But it’s a fun flowchart nonetheless. Makes me want to try my hand at my own.

  4. Pretty good list! I chuckled at Axis & Allies; such a fun game, but takes hours to setup and days to play.

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