image of the bubl 360 degree camera

The Next Best Thing to Teleportation: 360-Degree Live Streaming Video


image of the bubl 360 degree cameraI’m pretty much blown away by the 360-degree video capture device called Bublcam. Like so many other unique gadgets on the market they went to Kickstarter to fund their project. The great news is that they raised $300,000 for getting this technology into the mainstream market. The video below proves that the technology works and isn’t another desperate plea for consumers to fund an idea yet to be fully worked out; they have some serious street cred. This is a real technology that is going to change how we interact remotely with friends, family, and clients through video. All I can think about is the work I’ve done at my day job using new technology like Oculus Rift and working with developers creating 3D environments to make new visual experiences in a variety of applications beyond just games. Watch the product video before we move on.

So now that you’ve watched the video, are you as excited as I am? This is a first-generation consumer experience, and this means the business world will not be far behind. The Bublcam technology is going to make those fixed-view Google Hangouts and conference calls in which every member of your team is huddled around a single webcam a thing of the past.

So whether or not you feel you need one in your life is up to you. But knowing that this streaming video technology is in the wild gives us all a glimpse of what the most realistic interpretation of teleportation technology will look like. Beaming our molecules from one place to the next may never happen, but stepping into a room and putting on a headset while standing on a special treadmill that tracks our walking movements will be the next best thing when we can see and hear the surroundings in another part of the world.

Knowing that the APIs and software developer tools are going to be out in the wild with the product release, what do you hope developers do with this technology?

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