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Geeta Games is providing five copies of their point-and-click adventure game Lilly Looking Through for GeekDad readers! I backed the project on Kickstarter, and it was released at the beginning of this month. I’ve just finished the game (the last two puzzles were tough!) and it was a blast. My kids are also playing through it themselves, with a little bit of help from me. You can read more about it here.

To enter, simply leave a comment below with your favorite point-and-click game (or whatever else you’d like to say) and we’ll choose five winners at random. You’ll get a code for the game on either Steam or We’ll take entries until 10pm PST, Friday, November 29. (Please note: when leaving a comment, be sure to register so we can email you if you win.)

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47 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Lilly Looking Through

  1. I recently enjoyed running through the short point-and-click 8-bit-style android game “Quiet, Please!”

  2. My all time favorite series is the Quest for Glory series. RPG elements in a point-and-click puzzle game. I especially enjoyed that in the earlier games you point, click and type full sentances to solve problems (like some earlier games, but this one is graphical as well). And with Wizard, Fighter and Thief classes there are many different ways to solve problems as you discover them. Awesome, awesome series.

  3. Definitely a fan of the older Quest for Glory series, though there are a bunch of great point n click adventures coming now. The Raven is a pretty good modern one and Broken Sword is releasing their new version in about a week. Going to go with Quest for Glory 1-4 for my favorites, though.

  4. The Quest for Glory series was definitely my favorite. I think I actually still have my original Hero’s Quest from before they had to change the name because of the board game of the same name.

    1. That game drove me nuts when I first played it. From that horrible dark brown with black print paper to just trying to get out of town, I put that down for quite some time. It was a lot better when I picked it up later, but man, there were some crazy puzzles in that game. Great humor, though.

  5. King’s Quest and Space Quest are awesome, though my copy of The Neverhood is still stored safely in my closet.

  6. Gotta go with Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero. Myst and 7th Guest are pretty high up there too though…

  7. My favorite point-n-click series was “Space Quest” but I have always had a soft spot for “Noctropolis”. I always hoped the property would be resurrected or that at least would rerelease the original.

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