Great Guide to LEGO Minifigs Is Packed With Information, Images, and More

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It’s been pointed out that, thanks to their immortality, LEGO minifigs will soon outnumber humans on this little planet we call home. Prior to submitting to our mini-overlords, it might be a good idea to get to know some of them a little better. That task has been made easier thanks to a new book titled LEGO Minifigure: Year by Year A Visual History.

Beginning with 1978, the year of the first minifig, and working forward year by year, more than 2,000 figures are evaluated in this 250+ page book. Each minifig comes with a number of detailed facts, including things like what set the figure could be found in, distinctive features, or information on variants.

But it’s not just a minifig catalog. There is also a wealth of trivia and information about minifgs. Did you know Star Wars Battle Droids, LEGO Skeletons, and Friends mini-dolls aren’t considered minifigs because they aren’t made up of standard minifig parts? Or that two 14 carat gold C-3POs were produced for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars?

Additionally, there’s a timeline that charts the minifigure’s evolution, an explanation of how minifigs are created, from brainstorming to manufacturing, and even a look at animating minfigs for videogames. If that’s not enough, each book comes with three minifigs, a townsperson, a Stormtooper, and a robber.

You’ll be amazed at the level of detail put into minifigs over the years and you just might learn something too. It’s not an exhaustive collection, but it’s still fascinating for LEGO fans. LEGO Minifigure: Year by Year A Visual History is available now.



Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this book for review.

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