Bringing a Hobby to Life With Wizards’ M:tG Holiday Gift Box

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Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.
Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

This holiday season, Wizards of the Coast has stepped up again to offer the Magic: the Gathering Holiday Gift Box. This year, the gift box will feature the Theros block. It will include many of the heroic art pieces. The box itself is designed with unique art, as are the six dividers!

The box comes complete with 20 Theros designed land cards, six dividers, four booster packs, and a Karametra’s Acolyte promo art card. It can hold up to 2,000 cards, making it a great way to store your collection. Since there are so many ways to buy M:tG cards, including booster packs, themed decks, Fat Packs, and Booster Boxes, filling this box will be an epic journey indeed.

For Christmas, our son will receive this box, with a few pre-constructed decks, letting him take ownership of his favorite new hobby. As a bonus, I’m printing a collection of “coupons” for him to cash in at will. These will include a number of matches, deck building sessions, and game nights including friends. This will give him some personalized control over when we play, and help me make sure I don’t forget to enjoy a hobby my son and I have in common. I’m not always overcome with creative energy, but I know my step-son will be thrilled to have these personalized coupons, and the chance to build his own decks with me.

I know this will be a great gift for my son because he’s enjoyed the Theros set so much. From harpies to minotaurs, philosophers to heroes, we have enjoyed exploring a world built on both myth and history. We have had interesting discussions as I have been able to explain the world of krakens and satyrs to a 9-year-old.

In a society where we focus on friendly dragons and “vegetarian” vampires, introducing the not-so-friendly world of mythos has been an eye opening experience for both of us. He has come to the conclusion that “monsters” are, in fact, scary and that “heroes” are those willing to take a stand against them. Of course, he still can’t decide whether he’d rather be a hero or a monster-commanding tyrant, but that’s the beauty of Magic; he can always change his mind.

Note: Rory received a review sample of the Theros set for review.

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  1. I helped dear daughter construct at Mountain Plains deck late last week. We’ll be playing over the Thanksgiving break. This holiday pack would be a good idea for ANY in our family…we are all a bit hooked.

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