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Sky Box

Skylanders Swap Force is only a few days away now. That’s right, another new addition of interactive toys that meld with you gaming console is almost here. My kids area already feeling the excitement, so they picked up on of the new Mega Bloks sets. We got the Skylanders Giants Arkeyan Robot King. This set also comes with a transforming Pop Fizz, which I imagine is why they really wanted it.

Pop Fizz
Pop Fizz

This new set has some great play features! It is built like most of the previous robot-type build sets, and it goes together pretty easy. The arms and legs are constructed and pop together with ball and socket joints. The entire set consists of less than 300 pieces, so it is a pretty quick build. Pop Fizz can’t fit inside the robot, but he can ride in his crown — and the robot has shooting fists, just like Voltron! The little green guys that it comes with are pretty neat too. This a really great set to pick up especially if you already have some of the smaller sets.


Halo Box

While looking at the Skylanders Giants set, we also had to pick up one of the new Halo Lights and Sounds sets. My oldest son became obsessed with Mega Bloks when the company first picked up the Halo license. Every time he has enough allowance saved up, he wants a new set to add to his collection. Even though we already have two Warthogs, he wanted the new one with lights and sounds. Really it is not fair to the Covenant, the UNSC Marines outnumber their forces in our home 10 to 1.

Lights and Bad Guy
Lights and Bad Guy

The UNSC Night Ops Gausshog is the light anti-armor variant of the standard Warthog, which also packs a rotating Gauss Cannon. The construction of this version is identical to the previous versions with real working suspension and a well designed cockpit. The new deluxe feature is a front end that contains working headlights and sounds that are straight out of the game. This set also includes two Spartans and a Covenant Knight Lancer armed with a Suppressor. This is one of the only sets that includes the rare Knight Lancer. This is a great set to add to your Halo forces and will give your Marines the much-needed back-up they require.

Old and New Warthogs
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