Marvel Heroes and Villains Meet for Battle in the LEGO Universe in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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It’s the perfect storm of geeky awesomeness: the clever playfulness of LEGO video games meets the renowned characters of the Marvel universe in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The game is based on an original story and allows players to take control of more than a hundred characters, including Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, and many, many others.

In the intro, Silver Surfer’s board has been blown to bits and these “cosmic bricks” have been scattered everywhere. Under Doctor Doom’s direction, Marvel villains have been dispatched to gather the silver bricks as parts of a super-weapon, capable of destroying the world.

Like previous LEGO games, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is packed full of fun jokes, great combat, and clever puzzles and hidden surprises. In just the first hour of play, you’ll play the parts of the Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man when taking on Sandman in “Sand Central Station,” before listening to Nick Fury drop a shawarma reference, just prior to skydiving off the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier as Captain America and Mr. Fantastic to battle Dr. Octopus. The game is non-stop, wonderful fun and, as you battle through a LEGO version of New York and other locations, like Stark Tower and Asgard, you’ll have a tough time not smiling the whole time you play.

Once again, TT Games has done an outstanding job of seamlessly blending a geeky property into the world of LEGO. From Thor’s hammer to Reed Richards’ malleable manner, each character’s super powers have been built in and each adds an extra layer of challenge to the game. For instance, the (super-sized) Hulk can’t climb that Spider-Man web, but by changing to Bruce Banner, he can.

Combos accentuate a character’s power, until he’s suddenly destroying enemies with single blows. Puzzles can’t be solved without seeking help from each character in the mission (making it a great game for the family), and, like other LEGO games, certain elements of levels can only be accessed by certain characters, giving the game lots of replay value. It’s a great time and a must-have for LEGO and comic book fans. I can’t wait to play more.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is available now for all major consoles, PC, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, and will also be a launch title for the Xbox One and PlayStation4.


Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this game for review.

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