EP-Con: Family and Group Cosplay Ideas From the Border

A group of friends team up for their take on the video game “American McGee’s Alice” at EP-Con 2013. The BFF Harley and Ivy pairings were also plentiful. All Photos by Rick Tate.
Nine and her Dalek.

The month of September often comes to a close in my hometown of El Paso, Texas with the city’s biggest comic book  convention, El Paso Comic-Con (EP-Con). This year’s weekend event drew more than 6,700 area residents, many decked out in full cosplay. The event’s growing popularity has even inspired its founders to create a second convention, EPIC (El Paso In Comics), set for March, 2014.

Since comic-con time is always family time for us, I appreciated the attention given to group and family cosplay, especially with Halloween coming soon. I was very impressed with the creativity coming from our remote little corner of Texas. Here is a look at some of my favorite group and family cosplay, as well as some well-done solo efforts:



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