Animate This Zombie Romance

Your Undead Heart, zombie romance, kickstarter,
Your Undead Heart (Image: Luke Maxwell)

It’s coming for you. The zombie romance song,  “Your Undead Heart,” hungers to become an animated music video. GeekMom Rebecca Angel is doing what she can to appease it by running a Kickstarter campaign packed with musical perks. Rebecca  is an amazingly versatile singer/songwriter. Enthusiastic geekery infuses everything Rebecca does, from her TeaPunk Facebook page to the creative arts programs she runs. She has five albums to date, with songs ranging from romance to Viking scientist sorcerers. Lately we can’t get enough of “Monster’s Lullaby” and “I Love You Japan.” But “Your Undead Heart” won’t let go of her. It begs to be animated. Shamble on over to check out the song that won’t rest until it is animated.

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