Small World 2 Drops Today for iPads — Pssst, It's A Free Upgrade, Too!

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Small-World-2-Splash-screenIf your life has been plagued by Fortified Wizards, Pillaging Amazons, or Stout Dwarves, you’re one of the more than 650,000 people who have picked up a physical or digital of the awesome board game Small World. There have been expansions, in both cardboard and bytes, and even an all new game for real tabletops in Small World Underground, but today there is exciting news for digital tabletop players.

Today, Days of Wonder is releasing a free-to-upgrade sequel, a massive update with lots of new features, exclusive right now to the iPad, Small World 2. The original Small World has been around since the very first day the iPad was launched, but only allowed two players to match up head-to-head. Small World 2 allows for two, three, four, or even five players. Like the cardboard version, Small World 2 features different boards depending on the number of players.

Plus, players can play against AI or against friends with Pass ‘N’ Play. What’s more, you can compete locally over Bluetooth or wifi. But what’s really cool is a first-of-its-kind online play: When you and a friend are both online, you play in real-time, taking turns one after the other. However, if one of you should happen to leave or go offline, the game seamlessly moves to asynchronous mode, with each move happening at a player’s convenience.


There’s Game Center integration to facilitate online play, as well as Days of Wonder Online Buddies integration and you can even challenge your friends via Facebook. Finally, if you’re really competitive, Small World 2 features a variety of ranking ladders to track your position against others. If you’re unsure about the special ability of a power or race, an in-game encyclopedia will fill you in.

The game will feature 20 new races and powers through in-game expansions “Cursed!”, “Grand Dames”, and “Be Not Afraid”. In another wonderful nod to gamers who support them, Days of Wonder’s new “Friendly Share” policy allows the initiator of the game share their races and powers with the other players, even if they haven’t made the in-game purchase yet.

Small World 2 is a free upgrade to those who already own Small World on the iPad. If you’ve not picked up the game, the sequel will set you back $6.99.


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