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Nintendo Bids Farewell, Says Hello

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Last week was a strange one for the Nintendo faithful. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former Nintendo president credited with transforming a simple hanafuda card company into a contemporary video game powerhouse, passed away at age 85. The game industry in general responded with kind words and fond memories, while Nintendo itself honored Yamauchi with a simple gesture — the company refrained from its usual flurry of fun promotional posts via its social media channels for a full day in the digital equivalent of a moment of reserved silence.

But last week also saw the big N looking forward to a number of upcoming releases for its Wii U console. A dedicated Wii Fit U edition of Nintendo Direct revealed that the title will be made freely available for three months to Wii U owners that also have the requisite Balance Board accessory, and it also showcased the title’s Fit Meter. This pedometer-plus tracks not only movement, but also things like workout intensity and even changes in elevation.

Check out the embed below for information about Wii Fit U, as well as Nintendo’s plans to re-release previous generation stand-out Wii Sports with online multiplayer support and in glorious HD!

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