The Weekly, GeekMom Approved, Video Playlist

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It’s that time again. If you don’t like the summer weather where you are, need a break from the activities of the week, or are just—I cringe at the word—bored, here are our video suggestions for the week put into a convenient list for your viewing pleasure.

Our featured video gives us a sneak-peak at the upcoming Geek Week on YouTube. August 4th through August 10th YouTube will be featuring videos from celebrity geek channels. Many GeekMom favorites should be part of the mix; check in to YouTube to see more.

This rotating mask video has created quite the buzz on reddit. If you want to learn more about the brain and how we interpret images like these, there is a great article on

I have enjoyed all of the videos Chris Hadfield has contributed to YouTube from the ISS. This video from Karen Nyberg is just as entertaining.

You can find these videos and several more in our playlist this week. Have a great weekend and look for Geek Week starting Sunday on YouTube.

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