Looxcie HD case

Looxcie HD Introduces Rugged Waterproof Case


Looxcie HD caseLooxcie HD, the 1080p streaming video cam is going new places, and it is pretty impressive. They have just announced a rugged waterproof case that allows users to wear the social video cam while doing any number of intense activities like cliff jumping, river rafting, or walking through Comic Con.

POV will never be the same.

According to Looxcie, the new Rugged Waterproof Case for Looxcie HD “promises to further enhance wear-and-share innovation” by offering protection against the elements and extreme use. “The case expands usage of Looxcie’s breakthrough streaming technology, and enhances the viewer’s experience by delivering a truly immersive point of view. IPX8-rated and usable in water up to 60 meters deep, the case protects the HD video cam from damage.”

The Looxcie Rugged Waterproof Case is available on their website for $49.99 or as part of an outdoor package for $299.99 (package includes mounts for tripod, helmet, handlebar, plus clips and clamps).

The Looxcie HD cam works with the free Looxcie mobile app (available for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets) to “capture, share, or stream video over the mobile network.  Footage can be instantly shared to Facebook, iCloud, YouTube or email, or viewed in real time through streaming capabilities, allowing users to share life as they live it.”

I have a Looxcie HD cam, and I must say that the possibilities of the case exceed beyond the world of thrill-seeking adventurers and into my slightly less exciting life. For instance, I can attach it to my sons’ skateboards, batting helmets, and bicycles, or record their poolside cannonballs from every possible angle! And this winter when I teach them to ski, their memories can be recorded from their point of view, which is awesome. My childhood memories are all third person.

Basically, the Looxcie HD Rugged Waterproof Case is sturdy enough for the kids to use it, and that packs more than promise. It offers opportunity. Who doesn’t like that?

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