Lilly Looking Through on Steam Greenlight

Reading Time: 1 minute

Last year I wrote about a Kickstarter campaign for a kid-friendly point-and-click videogame called Lilly Looking Through. It features a little girl and a pair of interesting goggles she finds. Geeta Games is a husband-and-wife team, Steve and Jessica Hoogendyk, and the pair have had experience in both film and game design.

They just released this official trailer this week, and also announced that they’ve launched a Greenlight campaign to get Lilly Looking Through on Steam. The game’s not quite ready (like most Kickstarter videogames, it’s a bit behind schedule) but they’re getting pretty close, according to their latest updates.

Have a look at the trailer, download the demo (for Mac, PC, or Linux), and go cast your vote if you like it!

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