Kickstart To Reality: WIDE BODY: Straps for Pebble

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Camo Wide Body strap for Pebble. Photo by Anton Olsen
Camo Wide Body strap for Pebble. Photo by Anton Olsen

My friends at Richard Tracy Brand sent me one of their new Wide Body straps to test out on my Pebble watch. I’ve used it now for a few days and definitely love it. I think the wider band is more comfortable and stays in place on my wrist better. The long version of the Wide Body is slightly shorter than the long Pebble, but it still fits my wrist with plenty of strap to tuck into the two keepers. The rubber is a bit softer and stretches more than the stock strap, but not so much that it feels insecure.

Overall the style, fit, and comfort of the new band is great, and I don’t have any plans to switch, unless it’s to get a leather Wide Body for fancier occasions.

The band I received is an early production test, but it is close enough to final that I’ll call it reality. Update eleven on the Kickstarter explained a minor problem with that mold that should be fixed now in a week or two and ready to ship mid September.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter and want to pre-order a band, you may do so at the Richard Tracy Brand website.

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