GeekMom/GeekDad PAX Scavenger Hunt Begins NOW!

Pax Prime 2013 Featured
Photo courtesy Tim Post

PAX Prime begins today! Those of us at GeekMom and GeekDad are super excited to be there. Personally, I can’t wait to play Veritas with James Ernest. (I tried it earlier this year at GameStorm and loved it.) But enough of that…

Below you will find your final GeekMom/GeekDad PAX Scavenger hunt list. We recently added 50 points, so make sure you are working from an updated list. If you want to download an updated .pdf, you can find one here. All the details and rules can be found in this post here.

If you are interested in completing item number 19, give me a follow on twitter. I will be keeping my location pretty current throughout the day and tomorrow morning as well—assuming I can get any data access. I do have a tablet with me and should be able to hand you a free Kindle copy of Part 1 of Aetna Adrift quite easily. (I also have paperbacks available as well.)

See you at the Con!

Final Scavenger Hunt List:

1Someone in a GeekDad or a GeekMom T-shirt
(Must be completed before arriving at the panel)
2Somebody wearing a Doubleclicks T-shirt20
3Get a picture with one of the off-screen producers of Geek and Sundry’s TableTop40
4A Stormtrooper
Bonus points if the trooper can show a 501st Legion, Garrison Titan badge
5A member of the United Nations Space Command10
6Commander Shepherd10
Princess Peach
Bonus if in the same picture
9James Ernest dressed as a Cowboy20
10A Creeper10
11Spock with one eyebrow raised and pointy ears10
12The Doctor10
13A Zombie dressed as a mummy and wearing a traffic cone.10
14Any character from Sentinels of the Multiverse
(Hint: Christopher Badell counts)
10 each
(Maximum 40)
15Timmy the ThinkGeek Monkey10
16Playing a game while waiting in line for a panel10
17Playing the Pax Ten:
5 games
6 games
7 games
8 games
9 games
10 games
18Attending the “Gender Equality in Gaming: Now What?” panel30
19Reading Aetna Adrift (Electronic copies count)
Bonus points if you get a picture with the Author
(Hint: He will have paperback copies to sell and free electronic copies available at PAX)
20Playing Emperor’s New Clothes20
21Playing Tsuro at the Uncle’s Games Booth
Bonus Points if it is giant Tsuro
22Holding a sword made from three diamonds and sticks10
23Taking part in the fireball activity at Wizards of the Coast20
24Playing The Resistance20
25Playing The Duke20
26Play Fluxx the Boardgame20
27Get a picture of yourself onto for vandeleyesing something at PAX
Bonus points if you get promoted to
28Trying on a pair of Gunnars10
29Playing a Pathfinder game20
30Playing a demo of Flying Frog’s Dark Gothic
Bonus points if you can get a photo with a costumed character from the game.
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