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More precisely a review about the new app from Kid’s Academy called 5 Little Monkeys – and we are giving away an iPad Mini to one lucky reader.

5 Little Monkeys is available, starting today, as a universal iOS app for iPhone, iPad and  iPod. The app is designed to help parents teach counting and language skills to kids while sharing the nursery rhyme with beautiful graphics and sounds. My little geeklet has had a great time with this app. I will warn you up front, you may want to invest in headphones for either your child or yourself. Not that it is bad, far from it, but kids will want to hit replay countless times.

Studies do show that the repetitious quality of the nursery rhyme helps kids develop vital cognitive skills including: memorization, reasoning and comprehension. Additionally, nursery rhyme singing helps kids to learn pitch control, volume, and voice

The 5 Little Monkeys app also has touch interaction with characters and objects in the background while the nursery rhyme plays. The high-resolution artwork for each scene is animated and very eye catching.

To celebrate the release of this new app, Kid’s Academy has given GeekDad an iPad Mini and 5 Little Monkeys code to giveaway to one very lucky reader. We also have 3 iOS codes to giveaway for a free copy of 5 Little Monkeys. To enter, complete the form below (or click here if you have trouble with the form). Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, August 30th at 9pm CST.

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  1. I wish everything wasn’t so apple centered. Want a cool app? Want a trendy phone case? Oh you have a windows phone? Too bad for you then.

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