Skylanders Swap Force Speed Run: 144 Character Combinations

Reading Time: 1 minute

While trying to explain to my kids how many combinations the known 12 Swap Force figures would let them create (not that they will be owning them all), I ended up agreeing to list out the full set. This is a video of said list.

What’s more, if you can do better, and remember the whole set of 144 combinations on camera with no edits (yes I had edits), you can add it as a response to my video to enter and win Skylander Swap Force on a console of your choice.

I also put together some pre-order advice for Swap Force in this video:

Finally, here’s our crib sheet of Amazon links to check on the release of the Swap Force figures. They check these daily, but I think it will be a while before they return to Swap Force figures.

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