Pleygo: Netflix for LEGO Sets


So you’d really like to put together that 1,200-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon, but you’re not quite ready to drop $130 on it. (Besides, your long-suffering spouse has told you that the dining table isn’t a suitable permanent display area once you’ve finished.) Here’s a solution for you: Pleygo: you can rent the set for a fraction of the price, get the satisfaction of putting it all together, and then send it back and try, say, the 3,800-piece Death Star next.

Pleygo uses Netflix’s model. (Well, the DVD-in-the-mail model that is. I can’t wait for LEGO streaming.) You pay a monthly fee, between $15 and $39 a month, which lets you borrow one set at a time—the higher prices give you access to bigger sets. Shipping is free both ways, of course. And if you and your kids have sets you no longer want, you can even earn credit toward your account by sharing them.

The service launched in May this year and currently has about 5,000 sets in their system. Each set is sanitized before shipping it out again (though you’re responsible for taking it apart before returning it).

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