Malvern Books, A Real Book Store

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When was the last time you were in a bookstore? Do you even have a bookstore within a reasonable drive of your house? How about a locally owned and operated bookstore staffed with people who know books and can recommend new and exciting authors?

Malvern Books, opening soon in Austin, Texas, will be just that type of store. They’ve been online for a while as a literary blog and are in the process of constructing a store to stock their favorite books from independent publishers and lesser-known and emerging voices. Malvern Books plans to stock the titles they read and recommend. They also have plans to host book and poetry readings, as well as some live music.

If you’re not close enough to Austin for a visit, be sure to check out their online presence. They don’t have an online store (yet?) but their blog is full of great stories and book recommendations. For a fun example of their blogging style check out this one featuring Tracey’s dorky New Zealand childhood, a lamb deboning machine, and a three-wheeled motorcycle:

You can find them online at and follow them on Facebook, and  Twitter.

I’ll be in Austin a couple times this fall and winter and plan to stop by, hopefully in September of October.

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