Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada day to those both north and south of the border!


Canada Day is the annual celebration on July 1st of the British North America Act (1867.) This act, also called the Constitution Act (1867), united the three colonies of Nova Scotia, Province of Canada, and New Brunswick into a federation of four provinces known the kingdom of Canada. (The Province of Canada was divided as part of this process into two provinces, Ontario and Quebec.)

If you are Canadian, or have a Canadian in your life, how do you celebrate Canada Day? If you live in Canada, will you be attending one of the parades or firework celebrations this evening? If you live here in the US, how will you celebrate? Please feel free to use the comments, below, to share your festivities.

Disclaimer: I grew up simply minutes from the Canadian border, and further north than about 3 million Canadians. My wife is a Canadian citizen, and both of our children have dual citizenship. We will be creating and flying Canadian flags this evening in honor of their shared heritage.

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