Skylanders Swap Force Stats on Wii U

Freeze Blade Skylanders Stats
Freeze Blade Skylanders Stats

With the best will in the world, keeping up with the latest Skylanders comings and goings is no mean feat. As I recover from E3 I put together this Swap Force cheat sheet that lists all the figures and characters currently revealed:

Swap Force: Night ShiftStink BombWash BucklerFreeze Blade,Rattle ShakeFree RangerHoot Loop,  Blast ZoneMagna Charge.

Regular Skylanders: Grim CreaperStarstrikeCountdownFryno,Roller Brawl.

Light-Core: Grim CreaperStarstrike

Series 3 Reposed: TerrafinEruptorStealth Elf

As well as these character profiles, I spied an opportunity at E3 to get some hard facts on the new figures. Although the 360 and PS3 versions of the game had the stats menu disabled, on the Wii U the tablet controller merrily displayed Health, Speed, Armour, Critical Hit and Elemental Bonus.

I gathered together a bunch of Skylanders: Count Down, Star Strike, Wash Buckler, Stealth Elf Series 3, Freeze Blade, Magna Zone, Night Shift, Blast Charge, Spyro Series 3, Free Ranger, Grim Creeper.

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