Scosche Rhythm: Details on Your Workouts

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image: Scosche
image: Scosche

I’ve been using the Scosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor for the past six months to monitor my workouts, which includes heart-rate and calories burned.

The upside:

  • The device gives a very clear idea of exactly what the workout is doing for you.
  • It tracks all your workouts, to give an overall picture of your fitness.
  • Activities can be named and detailed, including desired heart rate and a goal.
  • Those goals can be calories burned, distance, or time spent on activity.
  • During the workout, the app will speak to you as to whether to work faster or slow down to keep the heart rate in the target range. It’ll also track the percentage of the goal achieved.
  • The velcro strap fits easily and is much more comfortable on my arm than other heart rate devices were on my chest. (This may be more true for women than men.)
  • The app controls are easy, and it synched wirelessly with my phone without a hitch.

The downside:

  • The battery charger is easy to clip on and a pain in the neck to clip off. I once had to pry it off with a butter knife.
  • Turning the device on and off is tricky, as it seems to remain on when it should be off. This results in the battery running down prematurely.
  • I used the Rhythm in enclosed environments–at my home and at the YMCA, but others have reported problems with the GPS tracker. If one is wearing this while playing a game on a field or even in a gym, the connection between the device and the iPhone could be lost if you’re not wearing the iPhone as well.
Scoshe myTrek IOS app view
Screenshots of Scoshe myTrek IOS app from the iPhone

Bottom line: is it worth the $99.99 price tag? Depends on how tight your budget is. I loved having my overall workouts and fitness information available quickly and easily, so this is something I would consider worthwhile.

I found it a more effective use of dollars than the similarly-priced Wii Fit because it could track my workouts on all activities, rather than keeping me in one place. For me, it was preferable to the PylePro PGSPW1, a super tricked-out sportswatch with a chest band. ($129.99).

The Pyle doesn’t require use of an iPhone, however, and men may have a much easier time with the chest band than I did. And when I say it’s tricked-out, I mean it.

pyleThe Pyle’s toys include trip/activity time, altitude, current heart rate, target zone selectable and checkable (just like the Rhythm), 99 lap records, track and pulse logging in 10sec intervals, current latitude and longitude, and one can download outside routes from your PC to the watch.

It’s likely a better choice if you’re going to do the bulk of your fitness work outside or, obviously, don’t have an iPhone.

Disclaimer: I received review samples of these items.

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