Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Defend the Realm Again in Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kindeom Rush Frontiers Teaser Image
Image from Ironhide Game Studio. Download the wallpaper here.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers to be Released June 6

You’re a Kingdom Rush veteran. You’ve saved the kingdom from the evil sorcerer Vez’nan and his endless horde of minions more times than you can remember. So just when you think it’s time to close up the towers and retire to some quiet place out on the frontier, you’re called upon again to defend the kingdom from a new threat in Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

Ironhide Game Studio, the developer behind the popular (as evidenced by a 5-star iTunes rating) and award-winning tower defense game Kingdom Rush, will be releasing Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the much anticipated official sequel to their flagship game, on June 6, 2013. That’s this coming Thursday!

In the official press release on Gamasutra, Ironhide promises the game is packed with a massive amount of enticing content, including new terrains like burning desert sands, dank underground caves and dense lush jungles (full of man-eating plants); eight new towers (each of which gives you access to new troops); more than 40 new tenacious enemies to vanquish (like rampaging gorillas and giant scorpions) and nine mighty new heroes to call on when the going gets really tough.

Pirates, Dragons, Aliens and More!

The game’s launch video (below) shows off some of these new features and gives us a look at some game play and a few of the game’s tough-looking bosses.

Visit the Ironhide Blog for more details about the game and more videos that showcase some of the new heroes.

So if you’re a Kingdom Rush fan and you have anything important to do this week, it may be wise to get it done before Thursday.

It’s worth noting that the pricing for Kingdom Rush Frontiers hasn’t been announced yet, and while there’s no word on an Android version release date, a Flash version will come “some time later.”

Update on pricing: Kingdom Rush Frontiers is $2.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad.

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  1. The excitement is high for this one from the kids (and the dad)! But I expect the biggest battles at our house will be over who gets to play first.

  2. its june 6th and it would seem we decide not to let pc play until we pick up our ball and realize half the community plays on the pc.

  3. what a bummer the game had 25 to 30 millions plays waaaay before released on phones! what a shame

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