Clorox's Bad Dadvertising

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6 mistakes new dads make

A couple weeks ago I mentioned a few good examples of dads in ads—it’s nice to see realistic dads rather than just total buffoons. But apparently not everyone (in marketing) got the memo. I was alerted to Clorox’s short-lived social media campaign through the Dad Bloggers group on Facebook. I’ll save you the trouble and just tell you the 6 mistakes here:

  1. Forgetting to get your baby out of the rain.
  2. Putting on your baby’s clothes backwards.
  3. Letting your baby watch reality TV.
  4. Forgetting to wipe (the face).
  5. Letting the baby eat off the floor.
  6. Taking your baby to a casino, pool hall, etc.

Har, har, har. Each mistake was followed by a paragraph describing new dads as complete dolts who can’t figure out which end of the baby is up. The bit ended with the comment: “Hopefully, your new Dad will learn to exercise good judgment in time for baby 2.” There was also a little voting section where you could say whether these “tips” were good, funny, meant for moms, etc. Tellingly, the highest vote by far was “Ick.”

The comments section was filled with both dads and moms denouncing Clorox—did Clorox miss the big Huggies debacle? But at least they did have the sense to pull the page—it went mysteriously missing after several hours.

Hopefully, Clorox will learn to exercise good judgment in time for its next ad campaign.

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