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Agricola Title Screen

Agricola, the fantastic worker-placement farming game, hit the iTunes store this today! In the game, you take on the role of a 17th-century farmer, expanding your family, growing crops, and raising livestock—oh, and try not to starve while you’re at it.

Agricola worker placement
Choose an assignment for your worker.

Playdek decided to forgo the literal translation of game to app and opted for a layout that looks like a town instead. You can still turn on text boxes to see descriptions of each location, or you can tap on those to see the actual card from the game. I can tell it’ll take a little time to get used to the layout and icons, but the artwork does look a lot like the actual game, too.

Agricola farm
The farm screen.

The farm is much like the board in the physical game, except that to the left of your house there are slots for improvements like the ovens and so on. (You may be pleased to note that, yes, even in the app version some of the rooms include people playing Bohnanza.)

You have options for playing offline and online, with a solo play track available also, and profiles allow multiple people to track their own stats separately. I’ve only gotten to play around briefly so far, but the tutorial looks pretty solid and fans of the physical game will appreciate the quick setup time—plus the fact that you won’t have all those bits to sort and put away.

Agricola works for both iPhone and iPad (though I’d recommend the larger screen myself), and is $6.99 on the iTunes Store.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a copy of the game for review purposes.

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