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Judge Minty Takes the Long Walk from Mega City One

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Judge Minty
Judge Minty

It’s looking increasing unlikely that we’ll see a proper sequel to last year’s excellent Dredd, although there are a group of fans on Facebook trying to drum up support for one. In the meantime, 2000AD and publishers Rebellion have given their blessing to a fan film based around one of Dredd’s fellow Judges called Minty who was the first Judge we see taking “The Long Walk” – retiring from Mega City One to bring the Law to the lawless of The Cursed Earth – back in #Prog 147.

The 27 minute film is very well made, and looks somewhere between the style of Karl Urban’s recent outing and that other film version that we best not mention. It starts when the last scenes of John Wagner’s strip – an old Judge questioning his morals and wondering if a perp could be saved, a question that gets him shot and forced to retire. During this intro we are treated to many nods to some of the best comic stories, with radio ads for Otto Sump and the Aggro Domes, and CCTV footage of Chopper surfing the skies of Mega City One. The effects are great and makes you wish that last year’s movie could have included a few more H-Wagons and flying vehicles! Dredd himself makes a brief appearance and is played by Greg Staples (who is actually an illustrator and concept artist who has worked for 2000AD!), but unfortunately he lacks Karl Urban’s presence. After Judge Minty‘s retirement we follow him as he takes his Long Walk out into The Cursed Earth to battle with a gang of muties and try to resolve his personal demons.

Watch the whole film now via YouTube and maybe if it gets enough views we might still get that sequel!

Another groups of fans are also making their own movie set in The Cursed Earth, and we’ll get to see a trailer for that one when their Facebook page reach 1,800 likes – so go give them a thumbs up too!

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  1. I did enjoy Urban’s version of Dread — hopefully international and DVD sales might convince someone up high that it’s worth revisiting a sequel pitch.

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