GeekDad Puzzle of the Week – Smmr Blckbstrs

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Nora has been looking forward to this summer’s blockbuster movies since, well, last summer. She is a big fan of the summer blockbuster, and I asked her for a list of her favorites so that we could rent them. However, her brother Max (being a big brother and all) has disemvoweled her list, and scrambled the remaining letters. I was able to at least sort the remaining letters in each film, and her list of favorites (with the year of their release) appears below:

RRSSTW (1977)
GRS (1978)
GLPRSTT (1982)
GNPT (1986)
LNS (1986)
DDHR (1988)
GHKLNNT (1994)
DPS (1995)
CNR (1997)
BCKLMNN (1997)
DDGMNR (1998)
DGLRT (2000)
MNNR (2008)
CNNPT (2010)

For your chance at this week’s $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate, can you reconstitute her movie choices? Please send your answers to GeekDad Central for consideration. Thanks in advance — Nora’s waiting!

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