Your Baby’s First Language Might Be Javascript With Web Design for Babies


cover_WDB_2A while back, I shared the wonderful board book HTML for Babies, which ended up being pretty successful. Since then, author John Vanden-Heuvel has released two more books, CSS for Babies, which was similar to the HTML book, and his newest, Web Design for Babies. While the first two books were board books filled with colorful and bold text, the newest branches out a bit. Web Design for Babies goes beyond simple tags and examples by showing through three basic codes, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, how web pages are made.

The book features three guides, Mark, Cassy, and Javier, who help a child understand what each of the languages does and provide some examples of each, cleverly hidden behind a number of pop-ups (the folded paper kind) on the pages. Vanden-Heuvel says “I had the idea of representing the main web design code languages as kid book characters. Feedback from the first two books made me realize people wanted more real info/lessons in the web code/baby/geeks in training world.”

While the first two books have been squarely aimed at babies (and their parents), Web Design for Babies should have appeal to an older audience, according to Vanden-Heuvel. “The lift-a-flaps seemed like a cool way to approach the interactivity of a real web page and appeal to an older child who was reaching out and lifting flaps. I even think it will work for even older kids as they start to read.”

Older kids might even get something out of the book, although they will quickly move through its six spreads. Still, like his other books, Web Design for Babies is a fun take on the children’s books and you could spend the reading time with your child covering a lot less interesting topics.


Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this book. 

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