RPG + Pinball = Rollers of the Realm

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Rollers of the Realm is a new Steam video game by Phantom Compass that incorporates RPG elements into classic pinball play. The group has created some videos to show how the combat works.

In this version of pinball, the setting is arranged around the flippers, like traditional pinball, but enemies will take up positions to attack the rolling ball. Flipper damage is tracked as hit points and can be healed. Different classes are better at attacking from different positions.

HT @markdury

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3 thoughts on “RPG + Pinball = Rollers of the Realm

  1. It may be worth pointing out that this game isn’t actually on the Steam store yet: it’s been proposed for inclusion through Steam Greenlight, where games get approved if they get enough votes from the community.

    If you think this game looks awesome, as I do, click through and support it!

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