GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution – Easter Cryptogram


Here is the puzzle as originally presented:

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and a happy Sunday all around. After the annual family egg hunt, I thought that perhaps Nora was trying to tell me something about her favorite type of candy when I saw that she left me a coded message. Can you determine her favorite type of confection by deciphering the clue she left me in the set of eggs positioned below?egg_clue

Selecting each of the colors as an individual letter, multiple submitters were able to determine Nora’s message:

Forget love, I want to fall into chocolate

As a a GeekDad, I am a little torn: while I don’t want her to get hooked on chocolate, I am definitely appreciating the 10-13 (18?) or so years I have until she starts being interested in boys!

Congratulations to Jennifer Tillett, the winner of this week’s ThinkGeek prize.  Thanks to everyone that submitted a solution!

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