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Screenshots and title screen from Cut the Rope: Time TRavel
Screenshots and title screen from Cut the Rope: Time Travel

My favorite video game character, Om Nom, takes a trip through time in an awesome addition to the popular mobile game franchise. Om Nom’s travels take us back in history to visit his ancestors from six different periods.

In the Middle Ages Om Nom meets his Viking alter ego, where we are introduced to the concept of feeding two Om Nom monsters. Two candies are in play on each level and you must feed one to each of the Om Noms. The Renaissance introduces a freeze mechanic that is both awesome and frustrating. Timing is everything and most mistakes will have you reaching for the reload icon. On the Pirate Ship level we get bombs to push and throw the candies. Be careful or you could launch them out of the box. The other three levels include Ancient Egypt with flying candies, Ancient Greece where Om Nom is elevated on stone platforms, and The Stone Age.

The game is a great fun diversion with a few challenging levels. I have enjoyed playing the game over the last few days, and after finishing 3 stars on each level I’m now going back to pick up the last two achievements. If you enjoyed the first two  games, this one will definitely please you.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel is available for both iOS in the app store, and Android at the Play store, or Amazon. It’ll set you back a meager $0.99, and is well worth it.

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