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A Voice In the Dark: Drawn Completely by Mouth

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Larime Taylor is a comic artist against incredible odds, as disabilities prevent him from using his hands or even feet to make his stories come to life. Instead, he has to draw with  his mouth. But maybe others should try it because his results so far have been stellar.

I’ve known Larime for years as a fellow poster on Gail Simone’s forums and he’s talked about his stories in that time. But it’s only recently, with the advent of Kickstarter, that he’s been able to put the projects together.

The result of his first, successful kickstarter was the first story arc of Voice in the Dark, a series about a teenage girl who’s done a horrible thing to protect her sister and now is either suffering from guilty hallucinations or perhaps a full mental breakdown. Despite that, she’s trying to move forward with her life.

A panel from Voice in the Dark #2, written and drawn by Larime Taylor
A page from Voice in the Dark #2, written and drawn by Larime Taylor

From the Kickstarter page:

Some people become killers.

Zoey was born that way.

Ever since she can remember, Zoey Aarons has felt the urge to kill. For eighteen years she resisted those urges and fought to be someone better than her base instincts would allow. In a moment of weakness and anger, however, she let go and took a life. That hazy Seattle summer day still haunts her, and as she begins college far away from home, she’s afraid that she will kill again.

She’s right to be afraid.

Instead of leaving that fateful day behind her and starting a new life as a college freshman, Zoey’s about to be tested and face temptation in ways far greater than she could ever imagine.

I had a chance to read the whole comic and Zoey keeps haunting me, perhaps because she’s not a monster. She’s completely human but one degree off.

“Beautiful art for an often disturbing but completely compelling story,” according to Gail Simone.

Larime met the deadlines of his first, full-funded Kickstarter campaign, and attracted notice from several major independent comic corporations, so anyone supporting this one should definitely get their money’s worth. Backing levels range from $5 for three issues of the first trade paperback, to $20 or more (the level I pledged) provides not only issues #4-8 digitally but bonus art and special back-up stories written by published comic creators, including B. Clay Moore, Michael Moreci, Vince Hernandez, and Joe Illidge. Higher levels include commissions by Larime and other comic artists plus other goodies.

The campaign closes on May 16 and so far has raised $3,322 of the $6,000 needed for full funding. Go check it out!

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