New Year’s Star Trek Exercise Regimen Part 2: The Next Generation

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The Holodeck. Image by Flickr user Moto猫. Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

We’re only two episodes into our efforts to watch ALL THE STAR TREKS, but it’s time for the next installment in the Star Trek exercise program, this time for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

So queue up your favorite TNG episode, and get your body moving! Whenever you hear or see each item, do the corresponding exercise. You’ll get your workout in no time.

  • Captain Picard says, “Engage!”
    15 jumping jacks
  • Picard says, “Make it so!”
    10 push-ups
  • Picard does the “Picard Maneuver,” pulling his shirt down, usually when he stands up from a seated position.
    10 lunges
  • Picard orders tea from the replicator saying, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.”
    10 toe touches
  • Picard talks with Guinan in 10 Forward.
    10 twists
  • Deanna Troy saying she has a “feeling” about someone.
    butterfly stretch
  • Data quoting philosophy.
    10 side kicks
  • Wesley whining.
    10 cherry pickers
  • Last minute crisis solution: Geordi (or Wesley or Data) says something to the effect of, “If we (technobabbleverb) the (technobabblething) through the (technobabblesystem), we just might be able to create a (technobabblemiraclefix) that could allow us to (technobabblewrapupthisepisode).
    hurdler stretch
  • There is a problem with tachyons.
    10 front kicks
  • Worf looking uncomfortable describing something to do with his or someone else’s feelings.
    10 crunches
  • The officers enter or leave the holodeck.
    10 squats
  • A redshirt dies.
    1 sun salutation

For those of you still ensconced in The Original Series, check out the first post in this series. The rest of the Star Trek series exercises are still to come.

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