CES Watch: Rapoo

Geek Culture


Well, the doors to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, have closed and now the waiting game begins — because now we must wait for all this cool new technology to hit the market, find funding, and/or become ready for mass production. One of the great companies that I saw a lot about, but had not heard from before, is a Chinese company named Rapoo.

Rapoo claims the title “The Ultimate Wireless” as their moniker and I am stunned that they have been producing fine products for over ten years and I am just now hearing about them. I guess better late than never, though. They offer a wide variety of wireless computer and audio accessories, most of which can be seen on their website at Rapoo.com.

What really caught my eye was the new assortment of wireless mice and keyboards that are optimized for use with Windows 8. While Windows 8 may be experiencing bad reviews and press currently, let’s not pretend that this type of operating system isn’t the future of computing. We all want computers that work as easy as our smartphones and are just as easy to operate. The Rapoo group of accessories incorporate the “touch” aspect into their keyboards and mice. While this is not new, it is great to see a company produce these for the mass consumer market in a reasonable price range.

I look forward to trying a few of Rapoo’s “Ultimate Wireless” products out and will be sure to keep everyone posted.

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