Lego Master Builder as a Career? Odds Are Favorable in Toronto

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A Lego fan's dream job, building and maintaining Lego models for a living.A Lego fan's dream job, building and maintaining Lego models for a living.

Think you could do this for a living? Image copyright Legoland California.

Lego is opening a Legoland Discovery Center (or Centre as we spell it here in Canada) in Toronto in the spring. It’s located in Vaughan Mills, not far from Canada’s Wonderland. This isn’t news. Naturally, the facility is searching for a Master Model Builder, Canada’s first. This also isn’t news, having been noted as part of the initial announcement. What does make this particularly newsworthy, however, is the fact that the company reportedly has received fewer than 100 applications to date, even though the deadline is November 16. That’s right, if you live in the Toronto area, the odds of landing a position as a Lego Master Builder — surely one of the greatest jobs of all time — currently stand at better than one in one hundred.

How does one go about applying for this job and opportunity to join the elite rank of Lego building experts? Step one is to fill out the application on the Legoland Discovery Center’s Facebook page. *Note to the contest organizers: You need to change your application form so it includes Province and Postal code instead of State and Zip code — maybe that has something to do with the lack of applicants…

There is a minimum age requirement, which is pretty much a given when a company is paying you for your labor. Applicants must be 18 or older by January 1, 2013. You’re required to answer a few questions about your Lego building prowess, but the whole thing should take all of five minutes. Submit by November 16 (that’s Friday) and then hope for a call. Those contacted will compete in a “Brick Factor” contest the following Saturday, and the finalists from that showdown will audition on Sunday, November 25, for the job of Master Model Builder. But it all starts with that application, so take the five minutes and fill one out.

Brick Factor contestants will be faced with millions of Lego bricks which they will use as they square off to build models, according to the Toronto Star. Model building capability isn’t the sole criteria candidates will be judged on. As a very public face of the Legoland Discovery Center, they’ll also need to demonstrate people skills, especially the ability to interact with kids (many of whom will presumably be actively engaged in trying to figure out how to tear apart the park models that took so much time to build). Joshua Bohn, winner of Atlanta’s Master Model Builder contest from earlier this year, will be a judge at the competition.

Just remember: If you don’t enter, you can’t win. Even if a career in Lego building isn’t in the cards for you, if you live in Toronto, the Harborfront competition will undoubtedly make for entertaining viewing so consider dropping by.

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