Get Ready for Grub Combat With Gears of War Erector Sets

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I’m sure many of us spent hours during our youths fumbling with the bolts, nuts, gears, motors, pulleys, and various metal plates and grids of Erector sets. It’s been a toy of exploration for many generations – in fact, next year, the Erector set will be 100 years old. But Erector’s cred goes deeper than just being a fun toy. Imagineers turned to Erector sets for prototyping the Soarin’ ride at Disney theme parks and the construction toy is also credited as playing a role in prototyping the first artificial heart.

The toy has evolved a lot since the days of bare metal and tiny screwdrivers. RC cars, motorized sets, and licensed products are now the norm, including the new Gears of War line. I have to admit to being a little skeptical at first; what’s the point of marketing a mature game to kids eight and older (the recommended age for these sets)? But it’s just a toy — and tons of toys, from Lego to action figures, have guns.

But not all of those toys are built as well as these sets from Erector. Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself: first you have to sort out all the parts and build them. Each kit contains between 80 and 300 pieces and goes together with nuts and bolts, just like old times. When your COG Armadillo, Centaur, or King Raven is complete, it feels really solid. Impressively so. There aren’t any rattles or loose bits. It feels like a tank, transport, or helicopter from Delta Squad should feel — ready for action.

So whether it’s for your kid (or for you) check out these Gears of War sets from Erector. They’re pretty nice! Sets range in retail price from $24.99 to $59.99 and are available only at Toys R Us.

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