22 Story Game of Pong Conquers Kansas City


Driving north on I-35 through downtown Kansas City, motorists are often treated to an impressive lighting display on the 22 story façade of the downtown Marriott. For special events and holidays, the hotel almost always has a special light show thrilling passersby. The display has featured animated flags, bouncing presents, and other holiday icons.

However, this past weekend, the hotel displayed what might be the largest game of Pong ever played. The ball bounced between two paddles, towering more than 200 feet above the crowded street below and took place after the annual downtown tree-lighting ceremony. The event was part of a cooperative effort between the Marriott; Atari, which is celebrating Pong‘s 40th anniversary next week; and the Downtown Council of Kansas City. There’s no word on an official world record yet, but we would have given half the presents under our tree to get a chance to play Jumbo Pong.

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