GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Halloween Kids Party Puzzle

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Nora, resplendent in her unicorn costume.

Kids’ Halloween parties are great this time of year, unless of course you don’t read the invite carefully and are the only adult in costume. In any case, my wife Allison and I took Max and Nora out to their unofficial class Halloween party today, and had a lot of fun watching the kids play and run around hopped up on sugar.

Based on the clues in this post, see if you can determine the costumes each child wore, how they rank in age, and how they rank in the amount of candy they scored during the party.

Here are some observations taken from the party:

  • Max, the astronaut, is the oldest student (and only boy) in his class, while Nora (pictured) is the youngest.
  • The oldest girl got the most candy, and has dark hair that was costume-appropriate.
  • Supergirl is younger than either other licensed character — Snow White or Tinkerbell.
  • Max got the least candy of all, and Nora got the second least.
  • Paryn is the second youngest, but got the second most candy.
  • Lucy’s ordinal position in amount of candy and age are the same.
  • Lily’s licensed character can’t fly, but got the most candy.
  • Tinkerbell is older than Paryn.

Hopefully, I have finally learned to create a complete logic puzzle. If you agree, and have solved this one, please submit your answer to GeekDad Central by end of day Friday for your chance at a $50 ThinkGeek Gift certificate. Good luck!

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